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篮球竞猜盈利|湖南体育职业The JWST Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam) offers imaging, coronagraphy, and grism slitless spectroscopy.  NIRCam has two modules pointing to adjacent fields of view, each of which uses a dichroic to observe simultaneously in a short wavelength channel (0.6-2.3 μm) and a long wavelength channel (2.4-5.0 μm).

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Varies by Observing Mode篮球竞猜盈利|湖南体育职业:  see Table 1 for details: 

  • Pixel Scale: 0.031"/pixel or 0.063"/pixel
  • Resolution: ~1600 (grism and spectroscopic modes)
  • FWHM: ~2 pixels @ 2 or 4 um (imaging mode)


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篮球竞猜盈利|湖南体育职业Simulated data from the NIRCam instrument team

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